Chemiserie Niguet

BRU50 Chemiserie Niguet
Name Chemiserie Niguet
Address Rue Royale 13
City/Neighborhood Brussels
  • Art Nouveau

Original use
  • Shop

Year 1896
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Hankar Paul

Architect Paul Hankar designed this remarkable storefront in 1896 for the Chemiserie Niguet, on the ground floor of a classic 19th century building.

Admirably restored by the City of Brussels, it is a rare testimony to Art-Nouveau store windows. The architect executed an Art Nouveau Floral-inspired design for the mahogany woodwork framing, the window display and the front door.

It also includes very elaborated ironwork.

Long occupied by the florist Isabelle De Backer. For several years now, the talented florist Daniel Ost has been selling his bouquets, of which the magic further enhances this enchanting setting.

Listed in February 1984 and February 2011.

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