Ernest Blerot's Personal House

BRU53 Ernest Blerot's Personal House
Name Ernest Blerot's Personal House
Address Rue de Belle Vue 46
City/Neighborhood Brussels
  • Art Nouveau

Original use
  • Architect house

Year 1897
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Blerot Ernest

At no. 46, the architect designed his personal house in 1897, a year before the construction of the two neighboring houses.

More elaborate than the other two, it features a magnificent front door and its astonishing ironwork representing a large flower, a replica of which can be found on the second floor balcony.

A surprising vertical stained glass window illuminates the stairwell, from top to bottom. Beautiful sgraffito adorn the tympanums of the windows and the front door.

Everything was designed by the architect.

The house has been remarkably restored and is in an excellent state of conservation.

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