Large Modernist Mansion

SCH22 Large Modernist Mansion
Name Large Modernist Mansion
Address Square Vergote 16
City/Neighborhood Schaerbeek
  • Modernism

Original use
  • Habitat

Year 1928
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Nyst Alfred

Large corner house, designed by architect Alfred Nyst in 1928.

The rounded shape perfectly hugs the corner of the two streets, allowing large bay windows and a large terrace on the top floor.

Note the beautiful work of the terrace’s ceiling.

Combination of Belgian hard stone and yellow bricks which were very popular at that time.

Two side-by-side entrance doors lead to the main staircase and the backstairs.

Alfred Nyst built, in 1922, a very different house on the other side of Square Vergote at No.45, testimony of the architect’s stylistic evolution.

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