Maison Hannon

SGI06 Maison Hannon
Name Maison Hannon
Address Rue de la Jonction 1
City/Neighborhood Saint-Gilles
  • Art Nouveau
  • Floral Art Nouveau

Original use
  • Habitat

Year 1902
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Brunfaut Jules

Superb house designed in 1902 by architect Jules Brunfaut for Edouard Hannon and his wife Marie Debard. He was an engineer at Solvay and a "new technologies" fan; she loved botany.

The architect has beautifully highlighted the corner situation of the building. The two facades surrounding this corner are totally asymmetrical.

The one on rue de la Jonction has a superb bow window with stained glass.

The corner façade features a bas-relief by Victor Rousseau.

All the stained glass windows were executed by the then very popular artist, Raphaël Evaldre, author of the stained glass windows of the Tassel, Solvay and Eetvelde houses, among others. Abandoned after the death of the last owner, the building was narrowly saved from demolition by Jules Brunfaut's own daughter in 1973.

The building was listed in 1976.

It was acquired by the municipality of St Gilles in 1979, to make it a cultural place.

In June 2023, after meticulous restoration works which have restored all its splendor to the interior decorations, the Maison Hannon will be inaugurated and opened to the public as a “House museum” in duo with the Horta Museum.


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