Private mansion, rue des Mimosas

SCH01 Private mansion, rue des Mimosas
Name Private mansion, rue des Mimosas
Address Rue des Mimosas 44
City/Neighborhood Schaerbeek
  • Modernism

Original use
  • Habitat

Year 1939
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Blomme Adrien
  • Blomme Yvan

Designed by architects Blomme father and son, this remarkable mansion was commissioned by Alfonse Zieren, engineer and doctor of science.

Built on the corner of rue des Mimosas and rue des Héliothropes between 1938 and 39, just before the second world war, on a plot of 20 ares.

Very sober modernist style, tinged with Art Deco elements, yellow brick facade, ceramic window frames.

The building comprises a large residential house with an imposing central staircase, superb and bright reception rooms linked by large sliding doors, several bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs, and a concierge located above the building’s 4 cars garage.

The ironworks surrounding the garden, are adorned with the 12 zodiac signs on the Mimosas side and different emblems on the Héliotropes side.

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