Ste Suzanne Church

SCH32 Ste Suzanne Church
Name Ste Suzanne Church
Address Avenue Gustave Latinis 50
City/Neighborhood Schaerbeek
  • Modernism

Original use
  • Place of worship

Year 1928
Architect(s) and/or artist(s)
  • Combaz Jean

Ste Suzanne Church, built in 1925, by architect Jean Combaz, on a private initiative, was one of the first three churches in Brussels to be built entirely of concrete.

The district located outside the Brussels belt was still in the countryside !

The Modernist style is quite radical, without superfluous ornamentation.

Remarkable stained glass windows are worth a detour, they were created by glass artists Jacques Colpaert and Simon Steger, and were installed much later between 50 and 56.

The building was listed in March 2003. Its facade and surroundings have recently completely and remarkably been restored.


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